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Pea shoots are the small beginnings of pea vines. They are sweet and tender like regular peas and taste just like them; crunchy, mildly sweet, and fresh tasting.

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Like other microgreens, they are full of antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins.

These fantastic green shoots have a magnificent taste with salads and roasts, or even stir fried. With soft stems and beautiful curly tendrils they add a unique experience to the palate fresh or cooked.

Nutrients: Vitamins A, C, K, folic acid, and fiber

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Pisum sativum

Production Lead Time

10 days


Similar to very fresh snap peas


Soft stems and leaves, even softer tendrils

Most Common Uses

Garnish for savory hot foods; Ingredient for Salads

See the timetable below before placing an order.

All products are subject to sell-out, and to possible crop failure. We grow our products to order and harvest same or previous day in order to provide a longer shelf life.

All orders containing peas must be made in advance with a minimum of a 14-day lead time.

If you place an order today, your order will be ready by Saturday 22nd August.


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